About Smokin' Joe's - Pacific Smoked Salmon Ltd.

Smokin Joes Seafood Canada
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Smokin' Joe's (Pacific Smoked Salmon Ltd.) - Canadian owned and operated Seafood company, serving local and domestic markets across Canada. Specializing in high Seafoods, such as Smoked Salmon, Seafood Pate's.

Smokin' Joe's ™ brand name was established in 1999 in Victoria, British Columbia. A few retired Canadian Sailors decided with the proper recipe and fish processing plant, Smoked Salmon in retort pouches should be a seafood treat to be enjoyed worldwide to all consumers.

"Smokin' Joe's Specialty Foods" has relocated to Courtenay, British Columbia, (central Vancouver Island ). We can meet the demand of local and domestic markets across Canada.

Smokin' Joe's provides a range of Smokin' Joe's™ seafood treat such as: Smoked Salmon, Smoked Salmon Candy, Salmon Jerky, and Seafood Pate's.

Smokin' Joe's ™ now serves many stores/gourmet/ corporate and specialty gift shops accross North America.